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Good Leaders Serve

'...If you want to be right at the top, you must serve.' Matthew 20:27 TLB

Are you in a position of power? You may not think so but, whoever you are, chances are that one way or another you are. Whether you lead a youth group or cell group, a football team, a band or just your little brothers or sisters, chances are that you are in a position of power in some way.

Loads of books have been written about power. They teach you how to manipulate people, and use them get do what you want. Power can be a very dangerous thing if it's not used properly and people often end up getting hurt and trampled on. Most people need power to feel important and worth something, but this is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught. Power is dangerous unless you know your worth in God. If you understand just what he thinks of you then using others to feel important is totally unnecessary.

Being in power is about being a servant. Serve faithfully and whole-heartedly, not so you can become powerful, but to become more like Jesus. Jesus had all the power in the universe at his fingertips yet he was a servant. As you become more trustworthy and faithful you will become more 'powerful', but you will handle it in the right way.

So what now? Think about the people who look up to you and follow your example - are you using your 'power' correctly? If you want to be a leader, serve.

Soulfood: Hos 6-10, Luke 19:1-10, Ps 13, Prov 8:14-16

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