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The Invisible Woman 1

'...I served you for Rachel... why have you deceived me?' Genesis 29:25 NIV

If a girl's self-worth is shaped by her father's influence, Leah was out of luck, because her father Laban didn't think that much of her. After making a deal with Jacob, who wanted to marry her sister Rachel, Laban tricked him and he ended up with Leah. If you've ever struggled with low self-image you can guess how Leah felt. Here she was getting ready for her wedding, knowing she was the 'second prize.' Imagine waiting all your life to get married, only to discover that your dreams will never come true, because your husband loves somebody else. It gets worse. Jacob spent the wedding night with Leah, and didn't even recognise her until the morning. Then he complained to Laban, '...I served you for Rachel...why have you deceived me' (Genesis 29:25 NIV)? Even after discovering he'd slept with Leah, Jacob still wanted her sister! Leah was with someone who couldn't appreciate who she really was.

Today, if you're in a relationship with someone (romantic or not) who doesn't really know you and makes no effort to find out, you can relate. But the good news is, while Leah spent years being invisible to Jacob, she wasn't invisible to God. And neither are you!

So what now? If you are feeling pushed aside, pulled back or put down in any area of your life, talk to God. He has given you amazing unique gifts and, if you let him, he'll draw them out of you, to reveal the treasure that is in you.

Soulfood: Mt 21:1-16, Mk 11:1-11, Ps 118:19-29, Ps 118:19-29

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