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Misfits Made Fit

'In the past, some of you were like that, but... you were made right...' 1 Corinthians 6:11 NCV

Jephthah was the son of a prostitute. Raised in a hostile, abusive environment he was eventually chucked out of the house and became a rebel gang leader. But things changed when the Israelites needed a guy with guts to defeat their enemies. They told Jephthah, ' our chief...and [you may] become head over...Gilead' (Judges 11:6, 8 NAS). So, true to form, he gave the Ammonites a good kicking, led them to victory and became their leader. You can read his story in Judges, chapters 11 - 12.

Talk about a turn-around! Jephthah had no right to be on a throne, except for one thing - God's grace! God loves to take what's dragging us down and use it for his glory. He turns losers into winners. He lifts 'the poor...from the dust and puts them in places of honour' (1 Samuel 2:8 GNT).

Paul says, '...Don't fool yourselves! No one who is immoral...will share in God's Kingdom. Neither...any thief...greedy person...drunkard or anyone who curses and cheats...Some of you used to be like that. But...Jesus...washed you and made you...acceptable to God' (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 CEV). In God's eyes we were all misfits until he reached down and saved us.

So what now? The story of Jephthah's turn around is a very encouraging one! Like him, you are not at the mercy of your past. When you said 'Yes' to God he dealt with all your mistakes and made you perfect in his sight. Pssst... tell your friends who need to hear that.

Soulfood: Acts 10-11, Luke 24:36-44, Ps 103:13-22, Prov 10:30-32

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