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Thinking about Heaven 3

'...His servants will serve him...and they will reign for ever...' Revelation 22:3-5 NIV

In the Bible Heaven is pictured as a garden, a city and a home. All three require skill, work and maintenance. Is that why we're told we'll serve God in Heaven? Service is active, not passive. Seems like Heaven will involve lasting accomplishment, unhindered by decay and fatigue, enhanced by unlimited resources. The Bible says we'll reign with Christ, exercising leadership, making important decisions (see Luke 19:16-19). That means we'll set goals, devise plans and share ideas.Actually, our best workdays on earth are just a foretaste of the joy our work will bring us in Heaven. Indeed, our service to Christ now will determine our position then. Jobs that depend on aspects of our fallen world probably won't exist - such as dentists (decay), police officers (crime), funeral directors (death), and many others. But that doesn't mean we'll be unemployed. What's an interest or hobby now may become our main vocation then. Others however may continue with work similar to what they do now, whether it's gardeners, engineers, builders, artists, scientists, crafts people, or hundreds of other vocations. The difference is, we'll work without the hindrances of toil, pain, corruption and sin (Revelation 21:4-5). So what now? Put some time aside to imagine what your future in Heaven may be like? Write down some of the images and ideas that come into your mind; God may give you a glimpse of the wonder of your final stop in life.

Soulfood: Ruth 1-4, Matt 10:1-10, Ps 88:1-9a, Prov 13:1-3

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