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Biddy Chambers

'I served the Lord with great humility...' Acts 20:19 NIV

My Utmost For his Highest by Oswald Chambers is the world's bestselling devotional book. Oswald died as a result of complications following surgery in Egypt where he'd been ministering to the British Troops. Thousands mourned his death at 43. So well loved was he by those he ministered to that, in spite of the fact that he wasn't part of the military, he was still given a full military burial in the old British cemetery in Cairo.Yet without his wife, Gertrude Chambers, the unrecognised force behind Oswald Chambers' writings, we wouldn't have this devotional. In the foreword of the book, she tells how the selection came from his various speaking engagements. She signed off her foreword only with the initials 'BC'.Who was Biddy Chambers? Her husband affectionately called her 'Biddy'. They were married for just seven years when, at age 34, Biddy became a widow and the single mother of a little girl. Before she met Oswald, Biddy was a stenographer. She could take shorthand faster than many of us could talk. So she began listening to her husband's messages and took shorthand notes - hundreds of them - never thinking that one day they'd be transcribed into books and that she would become the publisher of them. So, she made her husband famous after his death!The world owes a debt of gratitude to this humble and generally unknown woman whose efforts are still blessing so many today. So what now? When you serve God with humility, not worrying about getting the credit, he'll use you to bless so many.

Soulfood: Judg 4-6, Matt 10:21-31, Ps 93, Prov 13:7-8

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