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Learn to pace yourself

' determined to run the race that is ahead...' Hebrews 12:1 CEV

It was the 2004 Olympics in Athens - Britain's Paula Radcliffe was certain to bring home a medal from the marathon. But, at about 1,000m short of the 10,000m race, her body gave up on her. You could see the distressed look on her face as she struggled to come to terms with the fact that she couldn't go on. She wouldn't even be able to finish the race, never mind win a medal. The race just got the better of her.

The lesson for us all is - it doesn't matter how spiritually fit or experienced we think we are, the harsh conditions of life can affect us adversely. When the heat is on it's hard to 'do business as usual'. We must learn to pace ourselves so that we reach the finish line and don't end up left by the roadside. We don't want to ruin great opportunities because we underestimated what it would take to get us to our destination.

Let's us not get so spiritual that we overlook the simple things that God has established for us to live healthy lives - the basics like food, sleep, and exercise. Some of us take better care of our dogs and cats than we do of ourselves. Too often we don't see the link between sleep and exercise and the quality of our relationship with God. It's really hard to pray or worship when we are tired or ratty.

So what now? If you want to reach your destiny, you must pay attention to your running conditions and learn to pace yourself.

Soulfood: 2 Sam 17:14 - 19:43, Matt 26:26-35, Ps 133, ov 18:17-20

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