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It's the message not the messenger

'...anyone who welcomes my messenger is welcoming me...' John 13:20 NLT

Focus on the message, not the messenger! 'But shouldn't leaders set a good example and be called to a higher standard?' Yes, those trusted with greater responsibility experience greater discipline. But God does that, not you.

The Bible gives some examples of imperfect messengers: King Saul repeatedly tried to kill David, yet David realised that God had chosen Saul. Saul had blown it, and God's new plan was in motion, but David didn't have the right to press fast-forward on that plan! The great prophet Samuel led Israel for 40 years. He even anointed David to be king. Yet Samuel's own sons went astray. Even King David got himself into a shady love triangle that ended up getting a guy killed. Yet, he '...served God's purpose in his own generation...' (see Acts 13:36 NIV). And, Jesus' apostle Peter's dark hour of denial didn't prevent him from winning thousands to Christ.

This may come as a shock: God has no perfect human messengers! He uses ordinary people who make themselves available to him. And all still struggle in certain areas. They're being developed even while delivering the message God wants you to hear. A perfect word from imperfect lips - that's how God does it.

So what now? How do you deal with your leader's imperfections? (a) Learn from their mistakes. (b) Pray for them. After all, if you can't find mercy in the house of God where are you going to find it? (c) Keep listening to their message. Jesus said, '...anyone who welcomes my messenger is welcoming me...' (John 13:20 NLT).

Soulfood: 1 Chr 7:20 - 9:44, Mark 3:1-19, Ps 119:25-32, Prov 20:25-27

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