Family designed to work

'God places the lonely in families...' Psalm 68:6 NLT

For some people family means a place of safety and warmth; for others it means a constant battle or unhappiness. Whatever your experience, there may have been times when you wanted to shout 'Get me out of here!' When someone's in a really (really) bad mood, or someone's not doing their share of the chores, or someone lets you down, it can be hard to imagine a good reason for having a family.

When God first created people he designed them to live in peace with him and each other, but sin soon messed that up. Check out Genesis 4 to see the impact sin had on families. Anger, jealousy, cruelty and scandal quickly become part of family life. It breaks God's heart when this happens in families.

God knows that families can go wrong but he also knows they can work. They can protect us, teach us, love us and help us. Family is so important to God that he has adopted us into his own family and calls us his children. He even tells the church to love each other like a family, especially those who have lost or been let down by their own families.

So what now? If you live with the wounds or scars of a broken and hurting family, God wants very much for healing and reconciliation to happen. Ask him for his help: whether it's something that can be easily fixed, or something that has been painful for a long time.

Soulfood: Dan 6:1-24, Acts 12:1-19

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