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Deal with it and be free

'When I refused to confess my sin, I... groaned all day...' Psalm 32:3 NLT

Are you holding on to sin? Are you refusing to get issues sorted? King David learnt the hard way. After having an affair with Bathsheba he had her husband killed, then he married her - and his world caved in! 'When I refused to confess my sin, I... groaned' (Psalm 32:3 NLT).

What stops good people from cleaning up their act? Here are some examples: (1) Negative consequences are part of life; they're not connected to my choices. (2) God's much too forgiving to allow me to experience pain just to get me to stop sinning. (3) The enjoyment I get from my so-called sin outweighs the benefit of stopping. Anyway, my sin isn't really hurting anyone. (4) I can't help myself. The problem goes back to my childhood. God understands that, so he won't discipline me. (5) Just because I sin doesn't mean I can't do something for God. God uses crooked sticks - we can't all be the Apostle Paul. (6) It's not a sin, it's part of my personality I struggle with.

Do you see what you're really saying? 'My sin doesn't have consequences... God won't pursue this... I like my sin too much to give it up... My sin won't diminish my effectiveness... My problem isn't even a sin... I've convinced myself that I can't quit...'

So what now? If this describes you, embrace the truth, ditch the lies that keep you stuck in unnecessary pain, and then repent and stop doing it! The moment you this you'll receive God's forgiveness - and the heaviness you're living under will lift!

Soulfood: Mic 1-4, Mark 13:1-11, Ps 24, Prov 24:15-18

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