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Won by love

'...The kindness of God repentance.' Romans 2:4 NAS

We live a world where the better you do, the bigger the reward! For example, the premier football clubs give their players a bonus if they win their match, and extra cash is given to those who score a goal - don't they get paid enough already?

Often, people think this is how God works too. They think that if they do the right things then they have 'earned their place in Heaven.' Maybe it's about being baptised, and once they've 'done' that they are sorted. Maybe it's 'living a good life' or even 'going to church'. But God doesn't dish out bonus places for Heaven to those who perform well or do the right things. We could never do enough to be saved. Jesus has done everything. He has scored all the goals and won all the matches, we just get the rewards. Isn't that amazing!

Paul says, '...the kindness of God repentance' (Romans 2:4 NAS). Notice, he didn't say the scare tactics of a preacher or Christians frowning in disapproval. No, genuine repentance (changing our lives) is our response to the unconditional love of a perfect God, who loved us before we loved him. When you encounter a Saviour like that, you want to please him.

It's like the football players getting bonuses before they play but then running their hearts out on the pitch because they are grateful to play for such a great club.

So what now? Live a life for God, not because it will get you anything but because you've already been given it!

Soulfood: Zech 5-8, Mark 14:12-26, Ps 34

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