Morning Wake Up
Bjorn & Josh 6:00-12:00pm

Learn to rest in God

'I will personally go with you, Moses, I will give you rest...' Exodus 33:14 NLT

Has success brought pressures you can't cope with? Is what got you excited yesterday stressing you out today?We think we know what we want - usually because we see it in someone else's life. But God knows what we need. Children don't know what they don't need. Their favourite words are 'Give me...' When we're young and don't get what we want, we stomp our feet and throw a fit. When we're in our teens and don't get our own way, we rebel and scream, 'You're ruining my life!' When we're older and wiser we start to understand why Mum and Dad said 'No'. When God says 'No' or 'Later' it's because he sees where it could end.Here are tough words for want-it-alls: '...they believed what he said...They quickly forgot...they did not wait...They had an unreasonable desire... In the desert they tested God. He gave them what they asked for. He also gave them a... disease' (Psalm 106:12-15 GWT). They got what they wanted, but they didn't grow spiritually. That's a battle you'll fight too if you want it all right now!Do you feel empty? Or spiritually dry? Are you so busy thinking about what you can get that you are forgetting the 'real giver'? Sometimes you need to wait. So what now? Don't rush ahead trying to get what you want without hearing what God has to say. He does know best.

Soulfood: Num 29:1-6, Mt 24, Rev 11:15-19

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