Relationships 4

'...I never knew you. Get away...' Matthew 7:23 NLT

The most important relationship you will have for the rest of your life is the one you have with God himself. Question: on a busy day when your mum wants to chat about school and your friend calls to invite you round but your youth club is about to start, which relationship is dropped first? Would it even cross your mind that you'd spent no time with God that day?

For centuries Bible 'boffins' have argued about at what point someone gets 'saved'. The truth of the matter is, on that day when you're face to face with Jesus, the simple question will be, 'Do you know me?' It doesn't matter what you've done or whether once upon a time you prayed the right sequence of words in a 'sinner's prayer'. The question is, do you have a real relationship with Jesus?

When you look into someone's eyes, you both know whether or not you have a relationship. There are only the two of you, you can't fake it. Nothing needs to be said, you both know exactly where you stand. Do you have a real relationship with Jesus?

So what now? You can look like a fantastic Christian on the outside, but on the inside it's about you and Jesus; nothing else matters. So, today, start making it your number one priority to get to know Jesus, just for the sake of knowing him. Hang out with him, chat with him, sing with him, laugh with him, cry with him, but, whatever you do, get to know him!

Soulfood: Ex 4-6, Mark 16:9-20, Ps 92, Prov 26:1-3

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