The most important thing

'...The most important thing is...tell people...about God's grace.' Acts 20:24 NCV

Billy Graham was born in Charlotte, North Carolina to hard-working parents. When he was a teenager some Christian businessmen held a prayer meeting on his father's farm. When somebody asked, 'Who are those men making all that noise?' Billy replied, 'Fanatics who talked daddy into using the place.' That day a businessman asked God to raise up somebody from Charlotte to 'preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.' Little did Billy know he'd be that someone! Later, evangelist Mordecai Ham came to town for a crusade and, although Billy vowed not to attend, he ended up going and giving his life to Christ. A few years later the apostle Paul's words captured Billy's heart: 'The most important thing is...to tell people...about God's grace' (Acts 20:24 NCV).

Today, Billy Graham has preached to more people than anyone else in history. He's been welcomed on every continent - no matter how anti-Christian the country is. Yet he says, 'The first thing I'm gonna do when I get to Heaven is ask, "Why'd you choose a farm boy from North Carolina to preach to so many people?''' Billy Graham's life proves that in God's eyes the greatest ability is - availability.

Paul writes: '...the kindness of God has been poured out upon us...and now he is sending us...to tell...people everywhere the great things God has done...so that they, too, will believe...' (Romans 1:5 TLB).

So what now? God has also called you 'to tell...so they too will believe!' Don't worry about closing the deal; just tell them your story - and let God do the rest.

Soulfood: Lev 23: 33-44, Jn 7:1-40, Zech 14:16-21

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