What's your dream 2

'Joseph had a dream...' Genesis 37:5 NIV

Pursue the dream God has given you no matter how crazy it may seem, because dreams are like your children; they're the joy of your present and the hope of your future. Protect them. Feed them. Encourage them to grow, for as long as you have a dream you'll never be old.

Joseph was betrayed by his family, wrongly imprisoned and accused of trying to seduce his boss's wife... but despite all this his dream carried him all the way to his destiny as ruler of Egypt. Remember, we're talking about God-given dreams that lead to God-honouring results, not selfish ambition.

God has a dream for you and if you are willing to go for it he'll reveal it to you. When he does, remember three things: (1) Dreams are specific and personal, not public and general. God won't give somebody else your dream, he'll give it to you. He may confirm it through others, but he'll reveal it to you. When he does, don't share it with the wrong people or you'll get hurt. Like Joseph's brothers, they won't be able to handle it, especially if it doesn't include them. (2) Dreams are usually a bit beyond belief. Often your dream will make sensible people say, 'You've got to be kidding!' Remember, that's their opinion, not God's; with him 'everything is possible' (Matthew 19:26 GWT). (3) Dreams create winners. Everyone has a dream, even if it's hidden deep down in them. Walk by faith, discover yours and live life big.

So what now? Find your God-given dream and follow it.

Soulfood: Ex 25-27, John 3:1-8, Ps 89:38-52, Prov 26:23-26

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