Times of testing

'Until the time came to fulfill his word, the Lord tested Joseph's character.' Psalm 105:19 NLT

It's hard to watch God bless others when you are struggling. But before you shout, 'It's so unfair!' remember, it's God's calendar, your time will come. We talked about Joseph's life a few days ago, and once again his story is relevant. His faith was tested by the massive promises God gave him. You can almost hear him thinking: 'I thought the dream said I'd be sitting on a throne. Why am I in prison? God doesn't care about me.' But Joseph never gave in to negativity. He held on to those dreams. He knew God keeps his promises, so he focused on that!

When you follow where God leads you could find yourself in weird, unhelpful and negative places. But there's always a reason. God told the prophet Elijah to hide himself in a dusty ravine by a brook where his only friends were birds (see 1 Kings 17:3). Only later was the importance of this time revealed. Time hidden with God focused him on the challenge ahead: defeating a twisted queen and her evil priests.

Listen: 'The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right' (Psalm 84:11 NLT). His delays are not denials. He's never said anything he couldn't back up or promised anything he wouldn't deliver.

So what now? Take your focus off what you don't have yet and place it on what the Word of God says about fulfilling the promises he has made you.

Soulfood: Lev 5-7 Mt 5:1-12 Ps 10:12-18 Pro 1:17-19,

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