But God 1

'I...intended to build...but God said.' 1 Chronicles 28:2-3 NAS

Vincent was a missionary in a coal mining village in Belgium. He looked after the injured and hungry and preached to the miners. After a while his little church was packed with those eager to learn about Jesus. Vincent's bosses weren't happy though because, unlike most vicars at the time, Vincent wore old second-hand clothes, lived in a shack and gave his salary to the people. 'You look worse than the people you came to teach,' they said. He was told to leave the church. Vincent was hurt and angry; his only desire had been to glorify God, so why hadn't God let it happen? Then one day he watched an old miner struggling beneath a load of coal. Moved by the sight he began to sketch the bowed figure. And although he didn't realise it then, he'd discovered his real calling. The young rejected preacher eventually became the now world-famous artist, Vincent van Gogh!

How do you react to the 'But God' interruptions in your life? David said, 'I...had intended to build a...home for the ark...But God said "You shall not... your son Solomon...shall build my house"' (1 Chronicles 28:2-6 NAS). When God axed his plans, David immediately followed his 'But God' with a 'Yet God,' and declared, 'Yet... God...chose me to be king over Israel.' Instead of complaining about what he didn't get to do, David praised God for promoting him from herding sheep to leading Israel!

So what now? Be aware of, and thankful for, the 'But God' interruptions in your life.

Soulfood: Lev 18-20 Mt 6:9-18 Ps 71:1-16 Pro 2:1-2,

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