But God 2

'I wanted...to write...about...salvation...but...felt the need to write to you about something else.' Jude 3 NCV

Author Max Lucado writes, 'I awoke early one morning for a meeting...[and] spotted a bag of cookies. Our daughter had attended a bake sale so I thought she must've set them out for me. I ate one...interesting texture...I ate a second...with coffee it made an interesting option. I grabbed a third for the road, and would have grabbed the fourth but only one remained. Later my wife phoned, "Looks like someone's been in the bag." "It was me," I admitted. "I've had better breakfast cookies but those weren't bad." "Those weren't breakfast cookies," she replied, "they were homemade dog biscuits!" All day when I scratched my belly, my leg kicked...not to mention my interest in fire hydrants! I should've consulted the maker.'

Jude said, 'I wanted...to write you about salvation...But I felt the need to write...about something else' (Jude 3 NCV). Jude wanted to dedicate his epistle to one topic but God had other plans.

The Bible says, 'God is working in you to help you...to do what pleases him' (Philippians 2:13 NCV). When you sense a 'but God' in your spirit, he's probably trying to get your attention for a good reason. He promised to 'guide you along the best pathway for your life...advise...and watch over you' (Psalm 32:8 NLT), so it's wisdom to listen to him and do what he says!

So what now? You might have good plans but God has better plans. Make a habit of stopping, asking and listening. And remember, sometimes a 'No' answer is just as important as a 'Yes'.

Soulfood: Lev 21:1-23:25 Mt 6:19-34 Ps 71:17-24 Pro 2:3-5,

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