'I will praise the Lord God with a song and a thankful heart.' Psalm 69:30 CEV

The Bible is full of what God has to say about the things we say. Words are powerful; they can raise people up or bash them down. How we speak to ourselves and others makes a difference. The Bible, especially the book of Psalms, is also full of references to using song as a release for praise and celebration.

Why are spiritual songs so powerful? (1) They help you get real: Check out the psalms and you will find the songwriters are full on with their honesty. They keep it real with God and with other people. Check out Psalm 51. In it David expresses his remorse for what he has done and his thankfulness at God's forgiveness in one sitting. God can work more powerfully when you are honest! (2) They help you get close: Songs are a vehicle to help you get closer to God. They can express better something that's on your heart. God is invited to get closer to you when you are singing about how much you adore him. (3) They help you see the true view: When you praise God through song it somehow helps you to see things as they really are! He is your awesome, all powerful Dad, who can help you in every area of your life!

So what now? Use song to express yourself (yes, even if you're not pitch perfect!). Put on your favourite Christian CD, or Life FM (your favourite radio station ??) and get singing! It will make a huge difference to each day.

Soulfood: Dan 3-4 Mt 8:18-27 Ps 84 Pro 2:16-19,

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