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The best is yet to come

'Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.' Philippians 3:13 TLB

It's impossible to reach your God-given destiny without overcoming your past. If you need inspiration to overcome your life's obstacles, look at Jesus. His national identity as an Israelite labelled him as part of a hated minority, people who faced prejudice every day. The stubborn religious leaders refused to listen to his message of love; instead they hounded him as a heretic. One of his closest friends betrayed him to make himself wads of cash. Ultimately he was classified as 'too dangerous to live' and so was sentenced without a fair trial and died like the worst criminal.

What does Jesus say about his suffering (and ours)? 'But cheer up! I have defeated the world' (John 16:33 GWT). That's a very bold statement. What he's saying is 'You may be suffering because of me, but I have overcome my suffering, and you can too.' This might sound harsh or insensitive, but maybe today's the day you need to hear it. In the next chapter, John 17, Jesus' prayer for us is that we would do what he did when he was on earth, and that was all good and redemptive!

Listen, don't waste your time and energy replaying things in the past that can't be changed. The past is over because Jesus conquered his own past and therefore yours.

So what now? Make today the day you start looking forward. God says, 'The plans I have for you...are...to give you a future and a hope' (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT). That means the best is yet to come!

Soulfood: Num 25-26 Mt 13:1-9 Ps 120 Pro 3:33-35,

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