Betrayal turned around for good

'Do what you came for, friend.' Matthew 26:50 NIV

There's no pain like being stabbed in the back by a friend. But the truth is, God allows certain people into our lives to bring about his plans - even people like Judas, a person Jesus called 'friend'. Before Jesus was betrayed he told the disciples, 'I am not saying these things to all of you... this fulfils the Scripture that says, "The man who ate with me has turned against me"' (John 13:18 CEV). In a bizarre twist of destiny, Judas' betrayal kick-started the sequence of events that led Jesus to the cross.

You can't always avoid getting hurt. When some doors swing open all you see inside is darkness. Only when you get inside that darkness do you realise that the light you've been given is on the inside.

Jesus isn't the only one who suffered like this. David poured out his heart: 'My best friend, the one I trusted...has turned against me' (Psalm 41:9 NLT). At times like this you need to know that God will never allow his plans for you to be wrecked by somebody else's actions. He may allow your Judas to go so far, but no further. God loves to turn negatives into positives. None of us enjoys pain, but enduring it takes us to places that, taking the bright and easy path, we'd never reach.

So what now? In all your relationships, the positive and the negative ones, ask God to do his work in your life through them. If you give him space to work, the outcome will be for good.

Soulfood: Num 34-36 Mt 13:47-58 Ps 138 Pro 4:14-17,

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