Avoiding your danger zone

'Run from temptations.' 2 Timothy 2:22 CEV

The ancient Greeks loved hero-stories. One of the most famous myths involves creatures called Sirens who lived by the sea. The Sirens sang songs so beautiful that passing sailors who heard them were hypnotised and jumped overboard to their death. The hero Odysseus ordered that the crew's ears be filled with wax to block the music; that way they sailed past without being tempted. Clever guy that Odysseus, even though he's not real!

Maturity is about being aware of your danger zones and finding ways to avoid the danger. Paul said, 'If you think you are strong...be careful not to fall' (1 Corinthians 10:12 NCV). He told Timothy, 'Run from temptations that capture young people...do the right thing' (2 Timothy 2:22 CEV). That's what Joseph did. When his boss' wife tried to get off with him he didn't: (a) Get super-spiritual and try to convert her; (b) Think, 'I'm young, far from home, and her husband's out of town; maybe just this once'; (c) Hang around to see how strong his will-power was. No, he legged it, telling her, 'How...could I do such a wicked thing...against God' (Genesis 39:9 NIV)? Clever guy that Joseph!

When you're weak in certain areas you need to steer clear of anything that feeds into them. The Psalmist said, 'You are my safe refuge...where my enemies cannot reach me' (Psalm 61:3 NLT).

So, what now? Work out your danger zones and stay clear of them. It's for your own good now and, ultimately, for your future. Be a clever 'guy'!

Soulfood: Jon 1-4 Mt 14:1-12 Ps 141 Pro 4:18-19,

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