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Emotions are God's gifts to you

'The Lord was sorry... and he was heartbroken.' Genesis 6:6 GWT

Today's a day when some people will feel very special and many will feel pretty miserable. One or two people will go as far as to send themselves a card so that when it arrives through the letter box everybody else thinks they've got a secret admirer! One way or another, Valentine's Day can be a very emotional day.

Emotions are weird, aren't they? Some people always have their emotions hanging out like washing on a line. Other people hide them away where nobody can see. One thing's for sure, God made us with emotions. The Bible's full of them! Your mind might jump to Psalms as the 'emotional' bit of the Bible, because feelings run right through it... and they are not just human feelings. Early on in the story of God and his creation God tells us that he made us 'in his image' (see Genesis 1:26), which means we have his ability to 'feel'.

Feelings set us apart from all the rest of creation. Yes, your dog might pull a sad face and whimper when you leave the house in the morning but Rover can't understand how it feels to get, or not get, a Valentine's card! Happiness, sadness, pleasure and anger are all 'gifts' from God, who feels all these things too.

So what now? Happy Valentine's Day from your loving heavenly Father. He loves you and delights in you!

Soulfood: Num 6:1-21 Mt 4:1-17 Mark 2:18-22 Luke 9:23-26,

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