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Spiritual satnav 1

'Abraham saw the place in the distance.' Genesis 22:4 TLB

Some girls may understand this - you know when you go shopping for that certain, special something, that you're not quite sure what it is yet, but you'll just know it when you see it! You just trust in your retail radar to lead you there. Well, that's what it's like with God sometimes. Listen: 'We have an unction [insight] from God and we know things' (1 John 2:20 paraphrase). It could be called a 'spiritual sat-nav'.

Do you know people who see situations up ahead that that don't seem to be there? They are usually called visionaries and they usually end up doing the impossible. Why? Because they've learned to follow their spiritual sat-navs! Abraham used it when God sent him to a place he'd never even seen (read Genesis 22). And, 'on the third day Abraham...saw the place...' (Genesis 22:4 TLB). Jesus followed his spiritual sat-nav every day: as he was growing up, through the garden of Gethsemane, all the way to the cross, into the grave and back out again!

There's nothing like the moment you're driving somewhere new and your car's sat-nav announces, 'You have reached your destination!' Even if there's a detour up ahead, the sat-nav gets you there anyway. Your spiritual sat-nav works the same. And you have one, even though you may think you don't, or you may think the spiritual sat-nav is given to certain people.

So what now? Thank God he's given you a spiritual sat-nav. Learn to use it and reach the best destinations.

Soulfood: 1 Ki 21-22 Mt 20:1-16 Ps 66:13-20 Pro 6:23-25,

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