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'Nothing' time

'The brook dried up.' 1 Kings 17:7 NIV

That moment when things run out. A dream dies. A relationship ends. Resources or finances reach zero. That's when God can minister to us by providing seemingly unreal, supernatural ways forward. That 'nothing' time is really precious: it's a moment when God invites us to rely on him for the way forward.

Elijah sat at a brook and watched it wither up and dry out. Our faith journey isn't complete until, one day, we're left with nothing like he was. God let Elijah trust him for a supernatural way forward when that thing he desperately needed ran out. It took real faith that God would actually come through. We can't just rely on theoretical faith in those moments. Just knowing the facts about God won't do it for us. As we trust him in the real world for real things, God makes our faith tougher and more muscular. If God had led Elijah immediately to the solution, Elijah would've missed all of that, and his faith would've stayed young and weak.

If you're stuck in 'nothing' time today, take courage from this: God is watching how you trust him, and he's longing for you to grow your faith. Now's the time to trust God to pour out Heaven's resources to meet your need.

So what now? Are you watching something fall apart around you? Honestly check yourself: how does this make you feel about God? Are you finding it difficult to trust him? He is waiting for you to chat to him about making something out of 'nothing' time.

Soulfood: 1 Pet 1-5 Mk 9:14-29 Ps 49 Pro 12:20-22,

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