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Be truthful to yourself

'Dishonest gain will never last, so why take the risk?' Proverbs 21:6 TLB

Ever done a test in school/college/uni and, at the end, the tutor's asked everyone to mark their own paper? What would you do if there was an answer you'd missed, but suddenly you remembered what it was? You've got the opportunity right there to change it. Nobody would know. It's just one little question, and you really did know the answer, you'd just forgotten it... Those are thoughts we might have if we found ourselves in that situation. We might try to justify why it's ok to do it 'just this once'. But if we give in to that temptation, we're proving that we're potentially capable of giving in to bigger, more serious temptations. The effect on us in the long run matters.

Each small, individual sin gradually chips away at our integrity. Doing the right thing might have a cost attached to it, but it costs us more to abandon our principles and our integrity. The Bible says, 'Like a bird hatching an egg it did not lay, so are...people who get rich by cheating. When their lives are half finished, they will lose their riches. At the will be clear they were fools' (Jeremiah 17:11 NCV). Whatever we might gain from that small temptation, we'll end up losing at some point.

So, let's commit to walking in integrity, from this moment.

So what now? If there's a time in your past when you didn't behave with total honesty, bring it before God and ask to move forward with him into a life that's full of integrity.

Soulfood: Ezek 10-13 Mk 14:27-42 Ps 124 Pro 14:21-24,

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