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Precious to God 3

'Now to you who believe, this stone is precious.' 1 Peter 2:7 NIV

The high priest's breastplate is a picture of how precious we are to God - he wants us close to him and never forgets us. So how does this impact our lives? Knowing these truths about who we are to him, and his promises to us, can shape how we choose to live.

It's really helpful to know just how important Jesus is. The Bible says that Jesus is 'chosen by God and precious to him' (1 Peter 2:4 NIV). This can be seen right back in the Old Testament too when it refers to Jesus as, 'a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation' (Isaiah 28:16 NIV). The cornerstone is the most important one. It's the first to be laid and the positioning of all the other stones is dependent on this stone.

Knowing how precious Jesus is to his heavenly Father means we should place the highest value on this relationship and fight to protect it. We'll want to please him and live his way. We'll want him to be the cornerstone that sets the direction for our lives. Knowing our true, righteous and precious-to-God identity in Christ lifts us above the desire to give in to sin. Holy living is the result of seeing ourselves as God sees us - 'in Christ'. Instead of giving into temptation, we ask: 'What would Jesus do in this situation?' Basically, a true understanding of God's grace doesn't prevent holiness, it produces it.

So what now? Next time you're in a tempting situation, ask yourself 'What would Jesus do if he was facing this?'

Soulfood: Ezek 20-21 Mk 14:66-72 Ps 48 Pro 14:33-35,

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