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Recognising Jesus

'Although they saw him, they didn't recognise him.' Luke 24:16 GWT

When we face a crisis it's easy to lose perspective. It happened to two of Jesus' disciples on the Emmaus Road. Discouraged about his death, they were 'talking... about everything that had happened. While they were talking, Jesus... began walking with them. Although they saw him, they didn't recognise him' (Luke 24:14-16 GWT). When we take our eyes off Jesus, we can start to feel helpless about our situation. And even when we're trying to keep focused on Jesus, we can't always see him clearly. Our situation and emotions cloud our vision and we get a distorted picture.

But God can help us to see things clearly, to have perspective and to not become overwhelmed. When the disciples on the Emmaus Road were focused on their problems, they didn't recognise Jesus. But everything changed the minute the disciples did recognise him. 'Within the hour they were on their way back to Jerusalem. There...the Jesus had appeared to them...and how they had recognised him as he was breaking the bread' (Luke 24:33-35 NLT). They went from fear to courage, pain to joy, and despair to hope.

Paul wrote, 'I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened' (Ephesians 1:18 NIV). When we have that Emmaus Road experience of recognising Jesus in what we're going through, we get 20/20 vision and are filled with courage, joy and hope to get through the situation.

So what now? Go for a walk. As you're walking, ask God to help you recognise Jesus in a difficult situation you're facing.

Soulfood: Ezek 24:1-27:24 Mk 15:21-32 Ps 132:11-18 Pro 15:5-7,

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