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Jesus formed in you

'Until Christ is formed in you.' Galatians 4:19 NKJV

There are some huge promises in chapter 4 of Galatians. One of the most mind-blowing is this: God wants Jesus to 'be formed in you' (see Galatians 4:19). That means that all the parts of you you're unhappy with or find frustrating, God has a plan to replace them with his own personality: his choices, his dreams, his thoughts, his habits.

Here's a challenge: rather than focusing on how to beat sin, focus on the process of Christ being formed in you. As you do this, you'll find sin becomes less of an issue in your life. Because 'you know God, or better still, God knows you. How can you turn back and become the slaves of those weak and pitiful powers' (Galatians 4:9 CEV)?

How is Jesus formed in you? Well, it starts in the quiet place of relationship with him. Where God becomes infinitely interesting to you, takes up your focus and your attention, and spending time with him becomes a delight, not a chore. There, in the rest, Jesus begins to be formed. God knows what's required to produce in you the character of Christ, and he'll make it happen, if you allow him too.

So what now? This part of Galatians is written as Paul agonises over the friends he's writing to. He says he's going to be concerned for them 'until Christ is formed' in them. Do you have any friends who you have a burden for like that? Then, like Paul, pray for them 'until Christ is formed' in them.

Soulfood: 1 Sam 27-31 Lk 6:1-16 Ps 122 Pro 17:18-21,

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