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God's greatness 6

'Build a large boat...450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high.' Genesis 6:14-15 NLT

When God decided to destroy everything on earth in a flood, he instructed Noah to build an ark to save Noah and his family, plus the animals. The Bible tells us that the dimensions of the ark were '450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high' (Genesis 6:15 NLT). Roughly speaking, you'd need to line up three Olympic-sized pools end to end to float it in. Imagine how Noah felt when God told him to build it. But the ark wasn't too big for God to imagine, and with God's help Noah was able to complete it.

What can we learn from this? (1) We might not see the answer to a problem, but God is never daunted by the size of a problem. (2) Even if a task looks too overwhelming, if God's asked us to do it, he'll give us the resources and the strength to complete it. He won't give us a task knowing we'll fail it.

Psalm 145:3 (NLT) says, 'Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise! No one can measure his greatness.' When we ask God for help, we're asking the greatest and most loving power possible. He can do so much more than we can ever begin to imagine. All we need to do is be willing to listen to his guidance and trust him.

So what now? Are you feeling overwhelmed at the moment? Thank God for his greatness, then ask him to give you guidance about what you're facing. Write down anything he says to you.

Soulfood: 1 Chr 10:1-12:22 Lk 12:22-34 Ps 119:25-32 Pro 20:25-27,

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