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Meditating on God's Word

'On his law he meditates day and night.' Psalm 1:2 ESV

How do you usually read the Bible? Do you tend to read it hurriedly when you have a few minutes to spare, or do you spend a lot of time reading it? Most of us will fall somewhere between the two.

We mustn't underestimate the importance of meditating on God's Word. We might think of 'meditation' as something un-Christian, or something difficult and mysterious that only scholars and 'spiritual' people do. But really it just means thinking deeply and continuously about a passage of scripture, letting it take root, and asking God to reveal his meaning in those words. Reading the Bible is not about how much scripture we memorise; it's what happens to us in the process. Meditating on God's Word helps us understand what he's saying to us and how we can think, believe and behave in order to become more Christlike.

The psalmist wrote: 'The Law of the Lord makes them happy, and they think about it day and night. They are like trees growing beside a stream, trees that produce fruit in season and always have leaves. Those people succeed in everything they do' (Psalm 1:2-3 CEV). Meditating on God's Word is a powerful tool we can use to help us get closer to him and learn to recognise his will and his voice.

So what now? Read one or two verses of the Bible this morning. Meditate on those verses throughout the day. Then last thing at night, write down any new ideas or anything you feel God's saying to you through them.

Soulfood: Is 49-52 Jn 8:31-41 Ps 30 Pro 28:25-28,

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