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Break your alabaster jar 2

'More than a year's wages.' Mark 14:5 NIV

Two gospel writers calculated that the perfume in the alabaster jar was so expensive they gave us a written estimate: three hundred denarii - the equivalent of an entire year's salary - broken at the feet of Jesus.

For many of us, our 'alabaster jar of perfume' is money. Money is probably the thing we're most scared of losing: our pay cheque, our funds, our safety net. Are we willing to give it all away? This definitely doesn't mean not paying our bills or planning for our future or looking after our family's needs. But if God prompted us, would we break the alabaster jar and pour it all out?

Theologian John Wesley gave away about $60,000 while he was alive. That's more than $270,000 today. Wesley made a covenant with God in 1731 to keep his income at only $60 equivalent a year. The first year he made only $60, so he gave away just two dollars. The next year his income doubled, and because he could live on $60, he gave away $64. He earned a lot of money but lived only on what he needed. Rather than believing that money was to be frivolously spent or, conversely, that money was inherently evil, Wesley thought of more money as meaning more good. He believed God's blessing should result in raising our standard of giving, not our standard of living.

So what now? Have a rethink about your money. What about creating a generosity fund with the money you don't need to live on?

Soulfood: Job 8-10 Luke 17:1-10 Ps 115 Pro 8:1-3,

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