Lyric Video: Hannah Kerr - Warrior Featured

It's gotta be one of our favourite new tracks on the Life Playlist - and now the lyric video is out!

Hannah Kerr says: "I'm so excited for people to hear this song because when I think about what a warrior is, to me a warrior really can be anyone and everyone. We all face seasons of hardship and we all have to keep the hope alive and fight through the struggles we go through in this life. To me, a mom, a student, or a soldier fighting for our country is a warrior. Someone fighting against an illness or a disease is a warrior. The list could go on and on. My hope is that listeners are inspired by this song and remember that in the midst of what we are facing, we have a God who is always fighting for us."

Bonus Round: Kerr posted up a cool little Lauren Daigle cover earlier in the year:

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