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New Crowder + Tauren Wells Featured

New Crowder + Tauren Wells

"This song floors me every time I sing it. It convicts me and it lifts me. And I mean, to hear a group of people singing it, well, it's church. If there were ever a time we needed the church to be singing together about hope that transcends and unifies this is that time."

 That's what David Crowder had to say about his brand new track recorded in collaboration with Tauren Wells. You can stream the new track here:

Here's what Tauren had to say about the song:

"Honored" doesn't adequately describe how it feels to be on a @crowdermusic song. Especially, THIS song. A song that declares our GREATEST hope. It comes out tomorrow! Can't wait for you to hear it. (Btw...dope art from @leightonching) ?? #davidcrowder

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