Switchfoot Bootleg Downloads Featured

Even though Switchfoot's Looking For Summer Tour (with Brynn Elliott and Lifehouse) never made it to New Zealand, you can experience the nights through the magic that is bootleg recordings.

We had a hunch that these were going to be memorable evenings, so we recorded almost every show of the Looking For Summer Tour. A heartfelt thanks to all of you who came out and made these shows so incredible.

Basically, their sound guy hit record for every show, and you can download the raw audio mix for each show for about 10 bucks. I got the Boston one (cos they said it was one of their favourite shows of the tour) and I'm surprised by how good it sounds (it's not mastered like a normal live concert album, remember) so if you want to hear the new Switchfoot stuff live, this should hold you over until they grace our shores again.

BONUS: Check out the live music video for "If The House Burns Down Tonight" from their Los Angeles show.

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