Watch The Trailer For Jon Foreman's Movie Featured

The Switchfoot frontman has created a documentary called "25 IN 24", following him on his journey playing 25 shows in 24 hours.


He writes:

"Music has been this safe place for me that has allowed me to find community in a way I can find nowhere else. I started by playing these aftershows. We'd finish our set as a band, and I'd go out on the street or to a bar or coffee shop or whatever and play a few extra songs. These impromptu musical experiences kind of gave birth to the idea of playing around the clock because they were chaos, and they were strange, kind of awkward, obviously unscripted, with no microphones and no real set or anything like that. For me, the community that came out of it was beautiful, and there was this idea that we were all equals. So I thought, "What if I could do that all the way around San Diego at all sorts of different places?"

We'll let you know if it pops up in any New Zealand cinemas!

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