New Christmas Videos from Hillsong! Featured

Hillsong Worship have just dropped two videos from their Christmas album 'The Peace Project'.


Also just adding this on cus I love it: Hillsong are running a really cool initiative to take time for the elderly this Christmas.

#wagepeace | PEACE FOR THE ELDERLY COMMUNITY ⠀ DAY 26: Mother Teresa said, "The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved." In Australia it has been found that up to 40% of people in residential aged care have no visitors 365 days of the year. We can play a part in eradicating isolation and loneliness amongst vulnerable elderly people in our communities. ⠀ For example, Hillsong Church across the UK are making sure that seniors in our communities don’t feel forgotten this Christmas. The Angel Tree initiative involves buying a small present, which will be distributed to the elderly at each of the centres the team are. At each of our these centres the team are organising a Christmas Party where these presents will be handed out. Through these parties they aim to give the elderly in the community a special time where they feel loved and valued and that will be a time of celebration and joy in a month that can otherwise be very lonely. ⠀ WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY: 1. PRAY for the elderly over the Christmas season, for opportunities for connection and revelation of the peace that comes from Jesus. 2. INVITE an elderly neighbour over for a cup of tea or to share a meal. 3. VISIT. Most local nursing homes welcome volunteers to visit and connect with residents.

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