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Jon Foreman Releases Series of Acoustic Performance Videos Featured

Jon Foreman has started releasing a series of acoustic performance videos in advance of his upcoming film 25 in 24. The series begins with "The Patron Saint of Rock and Roll" from his EP Sunlight.


A few of these videos initially surfaced on his YouTube alongside the release of the four EPs comprising The Wonderlands in 2015. The videos released then include "Terminal," "Your Love Is Enough," "Inheritance" and a cover of "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys.

"A while back, my friend Robbie had a vision to record these songs acoustic, one mic, one take all the way through," Jon Foreman explained in an email update to fans. "With the movie coming out soon, what better time than now to share them!"
The forthcoming movie is a documentary-style look into the day in 2015 when Jon Foreman played 25 shows in 24 hours. He'll be presenting the film on a special tour through the Spring. The 25 in 24 tour fills space created by the recent announcement that Jon Foreman's band Switchfoot will be on hiatus for the duration of 2018.


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