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Music Video: CASS - Do You Featured

Music Video: CASS - Do You

In launching the video, CASS says: "Up until 2017, I had always struggled sharing my story. I was so used to being closed up. But last year God showed me the beauty in the scars that have made me who I am today. Even though life still has a way of bringing moments of pain and confusion, the truth is through everything we go through, there is a love that is constant. And its inviting us to come just the way we are. That's the heart of the song "Do You". To @apirana_ipo (and a bunch of other INCREDIBLE humans), I can't thank you enough. Y'all took the small idea that I had in my head, ran with it and made it something incredible, above and beyond what I could ever envision for this song. I honestly believe its going to bless many people because of that!"


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