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Family Force 5 Continue Despite Losing Members Featured

Family Force 5 Continue Despite Losing Members

Family Force 5 fans found themselves in a panic last week when the band deleted all of their former Instagram posts on the same day that their drummer, Teddy Boldt, left the band. Speculations arose as to what this move could mean and whether or not the Olds brothers would continue on now that the band is down to two members. Jacob and Joshua assuaged our fears on Friday, however, with a photo of them working together in the studio. "FF5 is alive and well." They wrote. "Not only did we start this band together, but we started this life together and this is who we are. This is what we do."

The band hosted a live video on Instagram Friday night, further informing fans on what to expect from FF5 in the coming days. Their song "Fire On The Highway" will be released as a single this coming Friday (01/19), and will also be featured on their $5.00 FF5 EP available exclusively online. In addition, the guys are working on filming a new music video, the title of which is not confirmed although Josh hinted that he's been looking at cars to feature in the video.

In regard to a fan question as to why FF5 deleted their former posts, Jacob replied, "Old posts are gone cause we're a brand new thing." Although they've lost several members over the last year, the Olds brothers seem determined to come back in full force. We're excited to see what the year holds for FF5, and according to Jacob and Josh, that may also include their long-awaited new album.

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