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LoveCollide: I Don't Want It Featured

LoveCollide: I Don't Want It

New artists to the Life FM playlist, LoveCollide are a sister duo. To get to know them, here's what they had to say about the heart behind their latest single, 'I Don't Want It'.


What is the message of the song?

Brooke: The song is about holding our dreams up to God. We are calling out to God, saying "I don't want this if it's without You."

Matthew 6:19-34 talks about not storing up treasures on earth. Everything here can be destroyed and taken, but when our treasure is set on heavenly things, nothing can take that away. That is the true treasure, the real diamond. It goes on to talk about worry and our needs, yet our Father will take care of us and give us everything we want in Him.

We are big advocates of being loving people. This world is so hateful right now. We can't be united if we are not being loving with each other. Above all else is love, like the Bible says. As LoveCollide, we are big on asking questions. Why do I believe what I believe? The biggest way to become a rebel and find truth in Jesus Christ is when you take yourself out of going along with what people have told you, step out of the box and break out and get passionate about what you are doing in Jesus.

Lauren: We want to be rebellious about all the things that aren't of God and be obedient to God and His Holy Spirit. We cling to that every day. Our message is not to live basic lives but to live an extraordinary life.

Life offers many attractive things that can distract us or steal our attention. We try to find fulfillment and satisfaction in things that are artificial and will ultimately leave us helpless and hopeless. They look great initially, and for a season they might even lure us into a false satisfaction. The truth is, without God we have no life at all. Everything was made for Christ. Our very next breath comes from Him and goes back to Him. So why do we try to find our life outside of Christ and His perfect will for us?

The One who knows us, the One who created us, the One who knows us better than we know ourselves, He is the only One who will truly satisfy our souls. We simply want more of God, for He is enough! His grace is sufficient, and all we need is in Him. Too often, we are not seeking Him, and so we feel like He is not enough, but in reality, we are not giving enough of ourselves to Him! We want more, more of You God!

This is it, nothing left of me
I've been chasing things I really thought I'd need
Like dead end diamonds, an artificial kind of love
Been so blinded, but turns to dust

Everything that I hold on to
I am letting go
Every dream I made without You
You can take it all

I don't want it if it's without You
I don't want it, nothing else will do
All in all You are everything
All that's left, I won't ever need
So I don't want it, I just want You

You are it. You are everything
I'm surrendering all I used to be
You are perfect. You're the endless kind of love
You're my purpose. Let Your will be done

You are more. I want more of You God
You are more. Give me more of You God
You are more and I want more of You God
You are more. So give me more of You God

Everything that I held on to
I'm letting go
Every dream I made without You

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