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Caitie Hurst: How Could I Be Silent Featured

New to the Life FM playlist is the debut single from Nashville-based singer Caitie Hurst! 

"How can we be quiet about the way God has changed our lives?" Caitie said about the single's inspiration. "This is my life story in a song. I was saved at a really young age, but I was never one to go share with other people what God had done in my life, for fear of what they might think about me. As I grew up and walked with the Lord, I started to realize after all that He has done for me, there's no way I can be silent about that. My hope is that as you hear this song you are encouraged to share your faith and the Gospel and to not be bound by the fear of what other people might think of you."

(Also we really love that her bracelet says Burrito.)

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