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Lauren Daigle: Still Rolling Stones Featured

Lauren Daigle has released the second song off her upcomg album (out next month!) Look Up Child.


Lauren says: ""Still Rolling Stones" will be the first track on the new album, because it makes a statement. "Out of the shadows..." will be the first line you hear when you start to play Look Up Child. It's all about the things we think are dead, and a reminder that all losses can be revived. They can all come back.

The track is at times wild, vibrant, and loud. Then it sounds rich & soulful - giving you a glimpse into what is to be expected on the album.

"Now that You saved me,
I sing cause You gave me a song of revival.
I put it on vinyl.
Rise up, rise up.

All at once, I came alive.
This beating heart, these open eyes.
The grave let go, the darkness should have known
You're still rolling stones."

"Still Rolling Stones" is out now - and I'm pumped you get to hear another piece of Look Up Child!"

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