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Tasha Layton: Sound of Heaven Featured

Following up on smash 'Love Lifting Me', we love this new worship song from Tasha, and we're sure Churches around the country will be singing it out before too long!


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SOUND OF HEAVEN is out TODAY! (link in bio) Excited to finally release this song! It is special to me for several reasons... Number 1!! It features my friend, Chris McClarney! He is hilarious and wonderful and a truly anointed worship leader! He leads at our church here in Franklin (Church of The City) and with Jesus Culture. I’ve been listening to his music for years and he and his family mean SO much to us so this is fun! Number 2!! I have a testimony to share through songs like “Love Lifting Me” but my testimony isn’t complete without worship. “Sound of Heaven” describes the posture I want to always have... One of expectancy, need, and eagerness for His presence! Number 3!! I wrote this song with three friends who are amazing... Christy Nockels, Chris McClarney and Jason Mizelle. The chorus is based on Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit rushes in like a mighty wind... His presence brought POWER and MIRACLES in order to show love to the world. May we have the boldness to ask God to move in our midst today! Number 4!! Lastly, I’m excited about this song because I want YOU to worship with it. I really believe that just like in Acts 2 that God can invade your life suddenly, and in a moment everything can change. He changes your mindset. He changes your circumstances. He changes outcomes. So many of us need God to show up in a big way. When we are unable to change on our own, what should we do? WE WORSHIP. We posture our hearts with great expectation and we invite Him to do what only He can do. So, Jesus, Bring the sound of Heaven. Let your mighty wind come rushing through. Lord, our hearts are open. We desperately need You, God. Come have YOUR WAY!

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