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Bjorn Explains Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday and it's the first day of Holy Week. These days in the lead up to Easter are a great opportunity for us to reflect on what Easter is all about - Jesus dying on the cross, being resurrected and saving the world from their sins.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Crowds of people came out of the city to greet him, throwing down palm branches on the road.

The donkey choice was kind of weird. Why would the son of God ride a lowly donkey, when he could have ridden a much more majestic horse? Well, one of the reasons was Jesus was connecting with the average person. Life wasn't easy for a Jew living under Roman rule in the first century! Especially if you were poor. Jesus' choice of a donkey was a way of saying that he came as a king who will serve and save the oppressed.

Something to reflect on today would be this. Ask yourself: where am I in this drama? Where am I, as Jesus passes by on the donkey? Are you in the crowds shouting out his name? Maybe you feel more like Judas, like you've betrayed Jesus in some way. Have you denied knowing Jesus, like Peter? Or do you feel like Pilate, judging and condemning others. How are you like Simon, or Veronica? They helped Jesus when he needed it.

Some of the people who stood in the crowd cheering and welcoming Jesus, were the same people who later in the week spat out insults and shouted 'Crucify him! Crucify him!'

Can I encourage you today to get out your Bible and spend some time reflecting on the story of Palm Sunday. A great place to start is the book of Matthew, chapter twenty one.

As we celebrate Palm Sunday and begin our journey through Holy Week, we are called to ask ourselves this. Who are you in the crowd? Who are you in this story? This is a week to pray, and then decide what kind of follower of Christ you are going to be.

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