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Elevation Rhythm: Quiet

The follow up to Better With You is here and we love it! In a chat with worship leader Tiffany Hammer, says "When the world feels as if it's turned upside down and each day brings a new gloomy outlook, it's difficult to know which voice to trust. We live in a world where the loudest voice is often the most heard, but God's voice is usually heard in the moments of stillness."


Equippers Worship: Holy Fire

They've dropped a brand new EP just in time for SHOUT conference, and we're obsessed! Equippers Worship say: "We pray that 'Holy Fire' would be a passionate cry of gratitude, expectation and faith, just as it has been for our church. We are a diverse, energetic and bold church and our sound reflects that, with songs to dance to, passionately worship to and songs that sing of the goodness of God and our response to that. We pray this music blesses you and helps connect you to Jesus."


Hollyn: To The Moon

She's back with brand new music and even directed the super cute video together with her husband Dillon! Over on Instagram, she wrote; 

"i'm convinced this song was the anthem to every elementary crush i had!! i wanted to channel the feeling of the first time you had those butterflies in your stomach.

the simplicity.
the innocence.
the nostalgia of "i wonder if they'll like me?

i hope this song makes you feel happy & joins your summer playlist.xo,



Andy Mineo's Work In Progress Podcast

We've found your new favourite podcast! Initally started as a place for Andy and featured guests discuss the creative process, inspiration and themes behind songs from his most recent EP, the podcast has evolved to cover current issues that are being raised all around the world at the moment. In the most recent episode they discuess the  current divide in America "...and the difficulty of being a Christian during the current political and social climate."


Kari Jobe: The Blessing Devotional

If you love the song, this might be your devotional for the next week! From "In the midst of chaos, in the face of fear and in spite of difficulty, God is with you. Over the course of this 5 day devotional, we pray you find encouragement and comfort in knowing just how much He loves you and is for you."

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