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Tasha Layton Releases Debut EP Featured

Her tracks 'Love Lifting Me' and 'Sound of Heaven' have been huge on Life FM, and a fun fact we just learned about her: she used to be a back up singer for Katy Perry!

 The EP is called Love Running Wild and in a recent interview with New Release Today she says: "In Matthew 13, the Kingdom of God is likened to a mustard seed... it's small in seed form but grows wildly," shares Tasha Layton about the title of the EP. "I wanted to reference the uncontainable, unexplainable, contagious love of God that flows into our lives and ends up affecting everything we do. We carry His fire and love within us wherever we go and it spreads fast and wild like the mustard seed!"

We've just added her new single 'Safe Here' to the Life FM playlist, which is debuting exclusively at CCM Magazine.

About Safe Here, she says: "I wrote this song in a very unsafe season in my life," Layton explains. "I felt a lot of anxiety and the weight of the circumstances around me really weighing on my chest in a way that I felt like I couldn't get a deep breath. I needed to be reminded that God is the lifter of my head as David states in Psalm wasn't all up to me. It is in His strength that lifting my head would change my perspective."


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