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Hollyn Shares Acoustic Version of 'bye, sad girl.' EP Featured

We're obsessed with i feel bad for you, and now all 6 songs have recieved the acoustic treatment! Hollyn talks about how this came about in the instagram post below: 


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uh oh, it’s monday!!! <3 there’s more than one surprise, but this first one will hold you over until then. ? • i remember being a 15 yr old girl... and taking a chance on my dreams. uploading Youtube videos in my bedroom with a guitar and an iPhone 4 lol little did i know, those videos would change my life and give me a community of amazing people who continue to empower me to keep doing what i love!! • so we thought... how can we go back to where this all started? because, here i am again, 22 and not sure how everything will turn out, but i know i can never stop taking risks & trusting my gut. SO YUP, YOU GUESSED IT! everyday for the next FIVE days, we’re releasing an acoustic performance of each song from “bye, sad girl.” will be released on YouTube ? story 1 of 6 is out RN!!! (link in bio) • over the course of the week, we’ll be moving from hopelessness (white) to hope (blue). if you’ve been paying attention to this project, you’ve been seeing hints of blue in everything. the vision for these videos was to come out from under what i’d been living in, and become a person of hope and purpose in the midst of my process. let’s watch the temperature change + grow together!! vid: @harrisonkylewhittaker guitar: @tipfrank

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""bye, sad girl." is a deep part of hollyn's story. The project is told over the course of six songs, woven together, to portray the emotions of what it looks like to have a broken heart.As the story unfolds, it doesn't end with grief, but shows the beginning of joy. The lyrics paint the picture of embracing the death of something, and in the letting go, finding yourself again.

hollyn's soulful, pop-inspired anthems cross musical borders. after debuting with the dynamic and fiery full-length album One-Way Conversations, hollyn has had incredible momentum. with features on tracks from capitol kings, phil wickham, PEABOD, chris mcclarney, steven malcolm and more, the 21 year-old performer and songwriter has no intention of slowing down." from Hollyn's website

Cover photo from Hollyn's Facebook page

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