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Kanye's 'JESUS IS KING' Featured


So Kanye has released his new album JESUS IS KING and when you're seeing headlines like "Kanye West's Conversion Could Be a Cultural Wrecking Ball" you know it's a big deal. If you're a bit out of the loop with this, we've collated some responses and context below!

 Kanye has described his new album as "an expression of the gospel." and has said "Now that I'm in service to Christ, my job is to spread the gospel."

There's been a lot of commentary, though, that this whole thing has been a ploy for attention from Kanye West. With the release of JESUS IS KING on Friday, everyone seems to be agreeing that his conversion is genuine:

Kanye formed his Sunday Service group in January 2019, and various clips of sermons and gospel songs from these services have been circulating online since, including Kanye performing gospel songs and covers of songs from his discography. All kinds of artists have been involved, including Sia (see below). 

Whatever your thoughts are on Kanye West, you can't deny he's put out a solid Christian hip hop album. And we're definitely fans of that! Also, we love what he says below about performing his old catalogue:

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