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MUSIC VIDEO: Rend Collective - Revival Anthem Featured

Is anyone else getting serious Lord Of The Rings vibes from Rend Collective's new music video?

The band have also shared the story behind the song on Instagram:

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Where to even begin telling the story behind this song? It's one God has been speaking to us for over a year now and we're trying to respond. Perhaps you've heard us share a little bit about how impacted we were by our experience playing worship at Phoenix Park when the Pope visited Dublin (if not check our latest IGTV to hear about it!) It was the first push of the Holy Spirit into realising how deeply we care about the spiritual condition of our homeland, a fire was lit in our hearts to see our countrymen (and women!) experience the love of Jesus. Fast forward to this summer. We packed up our instruments and decided to spend a week traveling around the country praying over important landmarks and leading worship for really whoever was there to listen. We visited the first church in Ireland founded by Saint Patrick in Saul, the Peace Wall, Temple Bar, the Cliffs of Moher and many others. This song and this music video are the result of that week. God opened our eyes to just how receptive and open-minded people are to the message of Jesus when it isn't being used as a weapon or politicised. Everywhere we went, people were happy to sing along, to ask us who exactly we were, and what were we singing about. In places where we expected to be ridiculed or kept at a polite distance, we found people were curious and eager for more. The Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of people not just in Ireland but across Europe and North America. We know because we've seen Him in action as we've toured those parts of the world. We hope you enjoy this music video, and more than that, we hope you'll join us in prayer not just for Ireland, but for a world who is ready to meet Him face to face. This is our revival anthem. Can you hear it? Video link in bio.

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The band have announced they have details of an Australian and NZ tour coming soon - no details yet, but surely we'll find out soon!

 Cover photo from Rend Collective's Facebook page. 

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