Brooke Fraser & Tasha Cobbs Leonard Collab Featured

GRAMMY Award-winning Hillsong Worship, along with GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard have released a new version of Awake My Soul, and we're obsessed!

 Over on Instagram, Brooke writes;

"It was a damp, thick night in Houston, Texas. ⁣
Many thousands were there and many more thousands outside who couldn't fit in the building. In the room you could see the people and equally feel the collective weight of grief, numbness, loss. And there too, as we worshipped, was the Lord Jesus - where He always is - with the hurting. ⁣

I'd flown with my newborn baby and our team to be part of this night of ministering to these beautiful people in the process of picking up what was left of their lives after Hurricane Harvey. ⁣

It was here I first laid eyes on Tasha Cobbs Leonard. A room full of heavy, full of ache, was being sliced through - full force - by anointing. You can't learn it, you can't earn it. You can only be trusted with it. I turned to the stage to see who was wielding this. ⁣
And there she was, slaying. some. serious. darkness. over people who needed Jesus (and received Him) in those moments. I'll never forget it. ⁣

As the years passed we became friends - a girl from Georgia, USA and a girl from Lower Hutt, New Zealand. ⁣

Then last year at our church's annual Hillsong Conference, we announced that one of our 2020 guests would be Tasha (!). We started talking about recording a song together - Hillsong Worship & Tasha - live at conference.⁣

Then in March: pandemic. All live events postponed until who knows. But the collaboration still felt important, so in early April we pivoted. If we couldn't record a song live together... what if we came together on something else? ⁣

And so the work began, culminating in today, and this special collaboration: "Awake My Soul". Only God could have foreseen the potency of the timing and we praise Him for it.⁣

We pray it ministers to you deeply.
And specifically, I pray for you - individual social media user reading this - who are hurting. That as you listen to this and lift a weary hand or a trembling voice in worship, that the presence of Jesus would slice through and revive you, comfort you, lift your head up again just like I saw Him do under the sound of my friend Tasha's voice that night in Houston. He's where He was always going to be. With you."


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